The success of a project depends on the people behind it, and the people at Imageworks have what it takes to make your next project a winner!

Experience  Working on a wide range of projects, from marketing and advertising to training and motivation, has given the Imageworks team expertise in all aspects of production.  (See our client list.)

For several years, Imageworks President Craig Bentley was responsible for video production at Handyman Corporation, producing award-winning programs for a network of more than sixty interactive viewing systems.

Efficiency  Over twenty-five years of experience in the San Diego area enables Imageworks to match resources such as performers, crew members, equipment, and facilities to the specific needs and budget of your production.  This keeps Imageworks’ overhead low, saving you costs other production companies must charge for staff and equipment that are often unnecessary for your project.

The emphasis away from facilities allows Imageworks to focus on creativity.  Imageworks can also produce programs that can be easily updated, making it simple to keep your program current as company information changes.

Service  Besides bringing programs in on budget, Imageworks has established a reputation for completing them on schedule.  But out-pacing the competition means more than just timely and economical service.  The personalized attention and commitment that others promise is what Imageworks delivers, so that you’ll keep coming back in the future.

The Imageworks team has the knowledge and experience that will provide creative programming precisely tailored to your communication needs.

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