Truth or Consequences

Imageworks is wrapping up a busy fall and winter by completing a video for KPBS and the California Dept. of Insurance titled “Workers’ Comp Fraud: Truth or Consequences”. In addition to a generic version for all of California, Imageworks taped 19 district attorneys from around the state and produced customized versions of the video for each of their counties. For POST and KPBS, Imageworks produced two public service announcements, a motivational video and a training video to help recruit dispatchers. Other POST training videos included Anti-Reproductive Rights Crimes, Civil Disobedience and the annual Legal Update for peace officers. Other recent co-productions with KPBS include a marketing video and multi-camera conference support for the California Distance Learning Health Network, and an instructional video on the Mirage Vista Mask System for ResMed. For Dimension One Spas, Imageworks produced a marketing video for their Aquatic Fitness System, an all-in-one spa, stationary lap pool and fitness center.