Web Video
Find out how Imageworks can help put your video on the web!

Here are the steps for putting video on the web:

1. Produce a video (or use an existing one).
2. Encode it for high-quality streaming or download.
3. Load the file to a server and put a standalone or embedded player (or a link to download the web video) on a website.

Imageworks can handle any or all of the above steps for you. We use the latest methods, so your video will play properly on all devices, including iPads and iPhones!

For streaming web videos, the main choice you’ll need to make is whether to host the video in a standalone player on your site, or embed a third-party player such as YouTube. Below are some examples of both approaches – we can go over the Pros and Cons of each when you contact us!

Standalone Web Video Player

This is one example of free player software you can use to host a video on your own website. It’s a clean look and gives you maximum control (e.g., no YouTube links to web videos that aren’t yours).


Embedded YouTube Player (monetized)

This is how videos look when you upload them to YouTube, then embed them on your website. You can choose whether to be ad-free, or to monetize the clip as this one is. If monetized, you can allow either overlay ads (superimposed over your video), or in-stream ads (that play before your video), or both. With monetized clips, you need to achieve many thousands of views before the income is meaningful.


Embedded Vimeo Player

This is another popular embeddable player from Vimeo. It has a clean look, and is popular among video professionals.

Call or e-mail us for more information on how we can help put your video on the web!