Imageworks Joins Forces with Mickey

Imageworks recently produced video segments for the first annual Fraud Fighting Awards, presented by the Employers’ Fraud Task Force and The Disneyland Resort. Additionally, Imageworks videotaped the award ceremony so that award recipients who could not be present could feel like they were.

Imageworks also has completed production with dOP on two more projects for POST, 2008 Legal Update and Crowd Management Update. Legal Update provides peace officers a comprehensive overview of new legislation and case law decisions impacting California law enforcement in 2008. Crowd Management helps inform officers how to handle situations such as dealing with protesters breaking the law, unruly house parties, public demonstrations, and crowded bars.


Good Pub for Imageworks

Imageworks was recently featured in an article by the San Diego Business Journal about how more and more businesses are turning to production companies like Imageworks for their next project.


Imageworks Throws Dogs A Bone

Imageworks and digital OutPost have teamed up to produce another peace officer training video for POST about K-9 Operations. Jim Belushi provided an introduction to the video as well as anecdotes from his experiences shooting movies with peace officers and their K-9s.

Imageworks produced a third video for the Employers’ Fraud Task Force on workers’ compensation fraud focusing on “Employee Rights & Responsibilities.” In addition, Imageworks also produced Spanish & Vietnamese versions of the video and two PSAs.

Imageworks and KPBS partnered up for three projects in Spring 2007:

  • For the eight consecutive year, Imageworks and KPBS produced video segments for Venture Challenge, the annual business plan competition organized by the Entrepreneurial Management Center at SDSU.
  • Imageworks met with district attorneys from all over California to produce an update to “Workers’ Comp Fraud: Truth or Consequences” for the California Department of Insurance and the Amador County D.A.’s Office.
  • And finally, Imageworks and KPBS produced an addiction research video for University of California San Diego (UCSD) to help study why addicted teens relapse.


Award News 2007

Once again, Imageworks and Craig Bentley have been recognized for producing high-quality programs! Imageworks took home a Telly Award for the POST program “Legal Aspects of Terrorism,” produced with digital OutPost. In addition, another POST program, “Response to Human Trafficking” won both a Telly Award and an Aurora Award.


A New Face at Imageworks

Imageworks recently added Kevin Tostado as an Associate Producer. A graduate of Olin College in Boston, Tostado comes to Imageworks already having co-written and directed a full-length independent feature titled Yellow Lights, which won “Best Feature” and “Best Cinematography” at the 2007 Indie Fest USA film festival.


Helping Those Who Protect You

Imageworks has again partnered with digital OutPost to produce several more programs for POST, helping to keep peace officers well informed:

  • “Response to Human Trafficking” gives an in-depth look at the dynamics of human trafficking, its key elements and indicators.
  • “2007 Legal Update” provides peace officers a comprehensive overview of new legislation and case law decisions impacting California law enforcement in 2007.
  • “Tactical Communications” was designed to help peace officers communicate effectively with the public.

Additionally, Imageworks produced a promotional piece for the San Diego chapter of People First, an organization for people with developmental disabilities. This piece was shot over several months and will help San Diego People First to raise awareness of, and money for, its cause.


20-Year Celebration!

Imageworks celebrates 20 years in business. How time flies when you’re producing award-winning videos for your clients!


Protecting Your Family

When it comes to underage drinking, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and KPBS have trusted Imageworks to produce a statewide awareness campaign to emphasize that supplying alcohol to minors is not as innocent as it might seem. Imageworks produced two public service announcements in high definition addressing the underage drinking issue; a video on the new T.R.A.C.E. investigative unit within ABC, and videos for both licensees and parents: “Minors & Alcohol: Protect Your Job” and “Minors & Alcohol: Protect Your Family and Friends” are both in circulation and bringing awareness to those in California about the dangers and consequences of supplying alcohol to minors.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a leader in diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular research, gave Imageworks the task of creating a video for their Video Wall, which lets users slide a plasma screen on tracks across a graphic wall triggering specific video segments that correspond with the rolled-over graphic. Imageworks also created an anamorphic widescreen video for Amylin to be exhibited on several plasma screens in their trade show booths.


Imageworks Makes the News

Imageworks recently directed training scenarios for the POST video on “News Media Relations.” Because a full SWAT team was used in filming, it attracted local media coverage. Director Craig Bentley was interviewed by FOX 6 for the evening news.

For the seventh year in a row, Imageworks and KPBS have completed coverage of Venture Challenge, the annual business plan competition organized by the Entrepreneurial Management Center at SDSU.

Lastly, Coca-Cola San Diego turned to Imageworks to produce a motivational video that showcased all of the employees at their San Diego bottling plant. Given the goal of producing a video that illustrated the need for quality work from every employee, Imageworks jumped at the opportunity and satisfied yet another client.


Happy New Year!

As Imageworks transitions into 2006, we finished the year off strong with these exciting projects:

  • A new marketing video for Dimension One Spas, along with a behind the scenes plant tour, unveiling their unique way of manufacturing thousands of “spas unlike any others!”
  • The second installation of the “Workers’ Comp Medical Fraud & Abuse” series for the Employers’ Fraud Task Force, this one focusing on trends and solutions.
  • The annual legal update for peace officers, produced with digital OutPost for POST, the state police commission.
  • Another video with digital OutPost for peace officers on the legal aspects of terrorism.


Imageworks Makes It Happen

Once again, Imageworks took on a few more production challenges!

  • At the end of March 2005, Imageworks and KPBS, for the sixth year in a row, took on Venture Challenge, the annual business plan competition organized by the Entrepreneurial Management Center at SDSU.
  • The San Diego Regional Center came to Imageworks for help in creating a DVD that teaches employees about Individual Service Planning.
  • Crime doesn’t stand a chance when Imageworks and digital OutPost team up to produce yet another exciting POST video! Firearms Seizure and Disposition gives California peace officers an arsenal of information in the battle against illegal firearms and the people who misuse them.
  • Another peace officer video with digital OutPost on the ethical use of force aides officers in maintaining an ethical edge while protecting our streets.


A Shining Star at Imageworks

Imageworks‘ Craig Bentley, President of the San Diego chapter of Media Communications Association – International, was given the Shining Star award at the MCA-I Media Festival in Las Vegas. Craig was one of the first five winners of the award, which was developed to recognize chapter leaders across the nation who have made significant contributions to their chapter.


Creating Culture Change

Imageworks wrapped up another busy year, finishing these projects:

  • Two videos promoting culture change in nursing homes for the Washington DC-based American Health Quality Foundation.
  • “Workers’ Comp Medical Fraud & Abuse: Crimes & Consequences,” a video aimed at curbing workers’ compensation fraud for the Employers’ Fraud Task Force.
  • A satellite broadcast for the California Distance Learning Health Networkand KPBS titled “Quality Assurance in Vaccine Storage and Handling.”
  • Three new training videos for POST, the state police commission, and new production partner digital OutPost. “Gang Members: The Hidden Threat” provides peace officers with valuable insights into gang culture from inside the walls of California’s highest security prisons. “Enforcement of Environmental Laws” prepares officers to better recognize and enforce crimes against the environment. “2005 Legal Update” highlights legal changes impacting California law enforcement.


In the TV Business, Not All Repeats Are Bad!

Imageworks loves repeat business. For the fifth year in a row, Imageworks and KPBS produced video segments for Venture Challenge, the annual business plan competition organized by the Entrepreneurial Management Center at SDSU. For the third year, Imageworks produced video segments for KPBS and UCSD Athena for the annual Pinnacle Awards. Lastly, Imageworks continues it’s thirteen-year relationship with POST, the state police commission, and KPBS, producing police training videos on interview and interrogation techniques.


Award News 2004

Imageworks received the Communicator Award of Distinction for “Eliminating Health Disparities,” a videoconference produced for KPBS and the California Distance Learning Health Network.